Film: Hunting Moose in “ORGANIC LIFE” (Ch. 1: Extraordinary Place)

ORGANIC LIFE-Extraordinary place from Black Fly Eyes on Vimeo.

The crew from Black Fly Eyes head to Norway to hunt moose in a stunningly beautiful new hunting film.

From Black Fly Eyes:

“‘We live in today’s modern world, but we’re still a part of nature, still participating
in its natural food chain, and responsible for wildlife’s balance.
We proud of having the strong genes of our ancestors and, as much as possible, trying to live an ORGANIC LIFE. Wild food is the most important reason why we hunt. It feeds our families and prevents us from buying genetically replaced farm food. Less farm food means less farm fields, fewer farm fields more room for natural habitats for wildlife. That’s one of the aspects of how important it is for us to stay in the natural food chain, and if we continue respectfully to use nature’s resources with conservation in mind, we’ll stay a part of nature-NOT beside her.|'”

To check out more from Black Fly Eyes, click here.

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