Video: Bowhunting Ibex in Spain

Spain attracts hunters from all over the world to take on the ibex that are found in these mountains. In a video from Pedro Ampuero, two hunters from different areas of the world (Adam Foss and Ampuero himself) head to Spain to take on these ibex.

From this video maker:

“SYMMETRY FILM – Souls that belong to the same wolfpack – It is amazing how the world has changed, internet has make it small, and its able to connect souls that were meant to be in the same wolfpack.

This film is about two friends who are living similar lives in opposite parts of the world. Their passion for mountain bowhunting joins them and they get together with a few friends to bow hunt for ibex in Spain. A pleasure to hunt with Adam Foss, Daniel Herranz, Julian Serena and Francesca Pirolo, hope to see you guys soon. Thanks Vic Albizuri Delclaux for the video production, amazing job!”

To check out more from Pedro Ampuero, please click here.

And to check out more from Adam Foss, please click here.

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