Film: Hunting and Exploring Landlocked Public Land in “#PROJECTLANDLOCKED”

“#PROJECTLANDLOCKED” — a new film from Jason Matzinger and onX Hunt explores the issue of landlocked public lands. The full film is now available online.

From onX Hunt:

“Landlocked – a piece of property that is inaccessible via public thoroughfare, except through an adjacent lot. …. Jason Matzinger explores one of the most controversial topics in the outdoor space. #PROJECTLANDLOCKED takes a detailed look into the history behind the millions of acres of “Landlocked” Public Lands across the west and what the future holds using the latest data collected by onX and TRCP in their “Landlocked Report”. Follow along as we look at the differences between ‘Checkerboard’ & ‘Landlocked’ Public Lands and why they are inaccessible unless you get permission from a private landowner. We don’t know what the solution is but, we know that now is the time to start thinking about it….”

To check out more from Jason Matzinger, please click here.

And to learn more about landlocked public land from onX Hunt, please click here.

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