Video: Bowhunting Stone Sheep in Canada

Hunting photographer Adam Foss and his brother Cameron head to the high country for a stone sheep hunt in Canada. Adam documents the adventure in a new video.

From Adam Foss:

“In 2020, due to Canada-US border closures, my brother Cameron Foss @bowhuntercam seized the opportunity to finish a 20-year quest, taking his fourth and final species of North American wild sheep with a bow.

On the same trip, Landen Collins took his first ram after guiding over 80 success sheep hunts around the continent.

It was a hunt of a lifetime and I was lucky to tag along. These are the sights and sounds fully equipped with underwhelming production value and questionable hijinks throughout.

Filmed by Adam Foss @fossman8″

To check out more from Adam Foss, please click here.

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