Film: Bowhunting Ibex in Mongolia in ALTAI

An ibex bowhunting adventure in Mongolia is captured in “ALTAI” — a film from Pedro Ampuero.

From Pedro Ampuero:

“Join Pedro Ampuero in his adventure to the Altai Mountains of Mongolia in pursue of ibex with the bow.

A documentary that covers a journey of unconditional persistence, the emotions of Bowhunting and the humongous effort required when someone faces such a challenge of trying to harvest an ibex with bow and arrow.

A trip to the remote parts of Mongolia, living with the nomads and sharing hunting as a common passion. A trip that didn’t started as expected in many ways, that requieres battling with the personal emotions and the physical conditions, that brought the best side of a solid team.

We are beyond exited to share one of the most personal experiences we have documented.”

To check out more from Pedro Ampuero, please click here.

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