Video: Hunting Pronghorn in Nevada (Ep. 3)

A Nevada pronghorn hunt is the focus of a series from Randy Newberg. This is part three.

From Randy Newberg:

“In episode 3 of this Nevada Pronghorn hunt, Randy starts the day explaining his real thoughts about hunting with camera guys over your shoulder. After his morning banter he heads out at first light to get a little rise where he hopes that the pronghorn will cross by near.

He is able to glass up some bucks across the boundary on a field. Because it’s pre-rut the bucks aren’t running around all over like they would be during the full swing of the rut.

He does get eyes on a nice buck mid-morning at only 195 yards. Randy being a pronghorn connoisseur, he reluctantly lets him pass. They head back to the truck and go back to the spot they found that nice buck yesterday. Randy sneaks within range and gets ready for his chance on a public land pronghorn.”

To check out more from Randy Newberg, please click here.

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