Show: MeatEater Season 5, Episode 11: Hunting Nunivak Island Muskox

In an episode of MeatEater, Steven Rinella heads to Ninivak Island to hunt muskox. There are some frigid conditions in this one!

From MeatEater:

“Lightning strikes twice: Steven Rinella has somehow beaten the odds and drawn a second Muskox tag after having to forfeit his first one four years ago due to unforeseen circumstances. Steve has always regretted passing up an opportunity to hunt Muskox but with another tag in his pocket, nothing will stop this adventure. We learn about the native history and culture of Nunivak Island’s as Steve tries to stay warm while chasing Muskox 30 miles offshore in the Bering Sea. The muskox is delicious and so is the tomcod dipped in seal oil.”

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