Video: Bowhunting Bull Elk in Montana

Hunters head into the high country in Montana for an archery elk hunt in a video from Fresh Tracks.

From Fresh Tracks:

“Marcus Hockett and his wife Kara are out in the hills of Montana’s public lands chasing elk. They have carved out a few days to hunt midweek together. The first day they get a quick evening hunt in and locate a few elk that they do a set-up on.

The following day they glass up multiple herds, but all are several miles away. They move in the direction of the closest herd and try calling along the way. There is plenty of sign including a lot of big rubs and wallows.

Finally they get their chance, when they set up and start calling. Marcus stays back to try and bring a bull within shooting range of Kara. He not only does that, but two bulls cut the distance.”

To check out more from Fresh Tracks, please click here.

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