Video: A Wyoming Pronghorn Hunt (Day 1)

In a video from Fresh Tracks, Randy Newberg heads to Wyoming for a pronghorn hunt. This is the video from day one of the hunt.

From Fresh Tracks:

“In day 1 of this 2021 Wyoming Pronghorn hunt, Randy Newberg is heading south to his favorite place in the world – Rawlins, Wyoming. As a self-proclaimed antelope junkie, Randy is excited to get to look over countless bucks and try to find a nice mature pronghorn for Mason.

Mason is the tag holder on this hunt, so they link up and head out for an evening of scouting. Having barely gotten off the highway they are already seeing quality bucks. Part way into the evening Mason decides he wants to get closer and put a stalk on a public land buck.”

To check out more from Fresh Tracks, please click here.

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