Video: A Wyoming Pronghorn Hunt (Day 3)

In a video from Fresh Tracks, Randy Newberg heads to Wyoming for a pronghorn hunt. This is the video from day three of the hunt.

From Fresh Tracks:

“In day 3 of this 2021 Wyoming Pronghorn hunt, Randy and Mason start the day with donuts and coffee before heading out to find “Funky Fred”. The search doesn’t take long as the buck is only about 100 yards from where they left him the night prior.

Mason decides he wants to go after him so they park right off the state highway and head onto the BLM land that the buck is occupying. Mason sneaks within a few hundred yards and goes to get set up. While steadying his rifle, the buck starts heading closer and closer. Eventually he sets off in a full sprint after a doe who ends up saving his life.

They decide to regroup and are able to locate him on a nearby chunk of private ground with a group of does. Now the waiting game begins. Mason needs the buck to cross over onto public in the midst of Wyoming’s checkerboard land ownership. After waiting and waiting he finally pushes his does over onto public and now Mason has his chance to fill his Wyoming Pronghorn tag.”

To check out more from Fresh Tracks, please click here.

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