Video: A Wyoming Pronghorn Hunt (Day 2)

In a video from Fresh Tracks, Randy Newberg heads to Wyoming for a pronghorn hunt. This is the video from day two of the hunt.

From Fresh Tracks:

“In day 2 of this Wyoming Pronghorn hunt, Randy and Mason are back at it hoping to locate a mature buck to make good use of his Antelope tag. After fueling up and grabbing some coffee, they hit the local BLM land to do some morning glassing.

Partway through the morning Mason starts getting excited about a buck he thinks is the tallest one that they’ve seen this trip. Randy is trying to hold back his excitement and let Mason do what he hunts. They decide to make it’s location and then keep exploring the unit.

They spend the rest of the day “window shopping” nearby overlooking a pond that several mature bucks are congregating. Mason does find a buck that he decides is worth a stalk. As he puts his crosshairs on him, Randy calls it off. Thankfully they are able to locate an even nicer buck that even that they nickname Funky Fred.”

To check out more from Fresh Tracks, please click here.

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