Show: MeatEater Season 6, Episode 8: Hunting Whitetail Deer in Wisconsin (Part 2)

Old(er) episodes of MeatEater never get old, and they crew at MeatEater have generously provided a vault of videos on their YouTube channel, including episodes of the show. In this episode from Season 6, Steven Rinella, Helen Cho, and Brittany Brothers head to Wisconsin to hunt whitetail deer with Doug Duren. This is part two of two episodes from this hunt.

From MeatEater:

“Helen Cho and Brittany Brothers are back for a double episode. This time around they’re hunting whitetail deer in Wisconsin on the famed Duren farm with Doug Duren and Steve as their guides. In part two both Helen and Brittany get their chance at Duren farm bucks. Hobo dinners over the campfire make it deer camp.”

To check out more from MeatEater, click here.

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