Video: Big Archery Mule Deer Buck

Solo Archery Mule Deer Bow Hunt – Solvid Film It Yourself from Solvid on Vimeo.

A good buck was taken in this archery hunt video from Solvid.

From Solvid:

“An Incredible, solo Archery Mule Deer Hunt self filmed! DIY, Public Land, Film It Yourself action. Chris spot, stalks and bow hunts an awesome mule deer, and films it all with multiple cameras. Solvid FIY Info and more FIY archery hunts in higher quality

After spotting a great mule deer at the base of a cliff in some of the most beautiful nasty country imaginable, Chris moves in from above, spot and stalk archery style, and arrows a very respectable mule deer with his bow. All this filmed with the Solvid CamStrap Universal head cam mount for incredible POV footage as well as a camera setup on a tripod well over a mile away across the canyon.”

To check out more from Solvid, click here.

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