Video: A Love of Hunting in “Anticipation”

Anticipation from James Jacobs on Vimeo.

From James Jacobs, a video that articulates a what fuels a love for hunting.

From Jacobs:

“The passion I have for being outdoors and for hunting is palpable. There are so many reasons why I love it. This short film is my attempt at putting into film what it is that stokes my desire to hunt.

Anticipation of reward is the initial reason of why I hunt. There is just something about hunting, killing, cleaning, cooking, and eating clean, organic protein. Conservation is also another real, tangible benefit of hunting.

However, as you start dissecting the logic, there are much deeper reasons as to why we are driven to hunt. Whether we’ve ever put it into words or not, I believe most would agree that anticipation of experiences and memories creates the underlying foundation as to why we step into God’s creation and grow our passion to hunt.”

To check out more from this video maker, click here.

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