Video: Utah Bowhunting for Mule Deer

Do-it-yourself hunting (and stalking) mule deer in Utah in a video from Justin Finch.

From Finch:

“My self filmed, 2016 Utah archery hunt. Kill shot included! After a 4 hour stalk, I find myself 42 yards of a bedded buck.. Somehow I got lucky enough to capture the entire journey on film.

This is the 1st of 3 videos in my series called, “THE TREBLE”; which shows my adventures on three deer hunts in three different states with three different weapons all from my 2016 season. Look for Part 2 “Colorado Muzzeloader Hunt” and Part 3 “Idaho Rifle Hunt” coming in the next couple weeks!

100% real, DIY, and self filmed.”

To checkout more from Justin Finch, click here.

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