Film: Reflecting on Hunting in “Searching for West”

Throwback to a great film short from Sitka that follows Mark Seacat has he pursues an elk in Montana. Along the way, he reflects on his hunting life and his young son.

From Sitka:

“Elk hunter and mountain athlete Mark Seacat has long believed that the primal act of hunting is, at its core, quite beautiful. Now he and director Christopher Murphy think they’ve proven it. The team at the Helio Collective have created what they call a “cinematic and authentic hunting story” with their new short film, Searching for West. As the season nears to a close with only 10 days left in the season and still no cut in the tag, he must decide the importance of time with his new born son, West, and his wife or harvesting the perfect bull to define the most memorable season of his life yet. What will he chose- searching for the unknown or pursuing the absolute of family?”

To check out more from Sitka Gear, click here.

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