Film: Bowhunting Newfoundland Moose in “First Kill”

FIRST KILL from Black Fly Eyes on Vimeo.

Fly fishing filmmakers, Black Fly Eyes, are now making hunting films, and after watching “First Kill,” let’s hope there will be more!

From Black Fly Eyes:

“Our first hunting adventure in beautiful Newfoundland wilderness where we have spent 10days chasing moose during the rut season. Long hikes, sweating and freezing through drastic weather changes from sunny to rainy or cold trying to locate a bull moose while glassing or calling getting back to a warm and cozy cabin late evenings with a new experience every single day. It was the true feeling of what the REAL hunt is!
It was tough with ups and downs a bit of missed luck and bit of good luck. We did spot some real mature bulls and some younger fellas in different situations. We harvested our first archery animal and passed on a nice bull. However, it was unforgettable experience and an extraordinary hunt for all of us.
‘YOU don’t need to pull a trigger every time you see a trophy animal and YOU don’t have to take home every fish you catch…’

To check out more from Black Fly Eyes, click here.

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