Video: Hunting Big Montana Bull Elk

Another day, another big bull elk in Montana!

From Randy Newberg:

“After Beau shooting a giant bull the day before, the crew is in high spirits. Corey Jacobsen and Donnie Drake of Elk 101 finally made their way to camp to join the party.

When the sun rises, however, they realize the fog is making it nearly impossible to glass. A plan is hatched to split up. Corey and Donnie will head one way, while Beau, Matt, Adam and Marcus will head off to retrieve Beau’s bull with the llamas while Randy holds down the fort and glasses.

Once Beau’s bull is loaded into the llama panniers, again the group splits with Matt and Marcus continuing up the mountain. Cresting through the mountain pass, they are rewarded with amazing views with the fog hanging low in the valleys.

Picking spots between layers of fog, Matt eventually glasses a group of bulls miles away. They drop down into the fog and make a plan to stalk the bulls.

They play it safe waiting for the thermals and the sun to be perfect before cresting the ridge that puts them within rifle range of the bulls. Before long the bulls start filing out of the trees… they’re in range… they’re broadside… Matt is prone and ready…

To check out more from Randy Newberg, click here.

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