Video: Post Rut Elk Hunt in Montana

Three bulls in three days — what a hunt!

From Randy Newberg:

“In episode 3 of 2019 Montana Post Rut Elk, Randy is up to bat as Beau and Matt have filled their tags in the previous two days. The crew is on lucky streak, killing two bulls in two days on public land, in a heavily pressured general unit! No way they can keep that going… right?!

The morning plan is to grab the llamas and retrieve Matt’s bull, but being optimistic, Randy has his rifle ready as they head into the backcountry.

After a enjoying a meal made from the meat of Beau’s Wyoming bull, Matt glasses up a herd of elk miles off. The elk bed in the wide open putting Randy into kill-mode! Matt and Beau are stay back to watch from afar with a plan on retrieving Matt’s elk in the evening. If successful Randy will have a bull down about five miles in but Marcus convinces Randy that “it doesn’t matter! we have llamas!”

Randy makes the long stalk sneaking in above the herd and sets up within 200 yards of the unsuspecting herd. The two bulls in the herd begin to spar. With antlers locked, the bigger of the two bulls ends up broadside in an opening between two trees…

To check out more from Randy Newberg, click here.

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