Video: Cal in the Field – Ep. 3: Mule Deer by Canoe with OnX

That hard to reach public land can be gold. In a new video from MeatEater, Ryan Callaghan and Eric Siegfried access public land via canoe and find some good mule deer.

From MeatEater:

In this episode of Cal’s Week in Review: In the Field, MeatEater’s Director of Conservation, Ryan Callaghan and Eric Siegfried of onX navigate around the crowds and into a hard to access piece of public land in Montana for a mule deer rifle hunt. Eric uses his E-scouting expertise alongside Cal’s river savvy to get to a spot that would be unknown and possibly forgotten without the public land data provided by onX—also a canoe, they’ll need a canoe. #fueledbynature

Want to spend more time with Cal? Tune in every Sunday for Cal’s Week in Review, a podcast delivering a unique spin on outdoor news designed for folks that need to know what’s going on, and those who want to pretend they do. Listen here:

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Just for our fellow MeatEaters, onX is offering an exclusive code to try out this game changing app. Use the code ‘Cal’ to get 20% off.

To check out more from MeatEater, please click here.

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