Outdoor Edge Announces New Jaeger Pak Knife Set

Jaeger pak

DENVER (May 20, 2020) — Everything you need to field dress and breakdown game of any size is in Outdoor Edge’s new Jaeger Pak knife set. In this compact lightweight kit, you will find a skinning, gutting and boning knife, a rib cage spreader, wood/bone saw and a two stage ceramic/carbide sharpener. All items fit neatly into a hard case for easy storage.

With three knives in the Jaeger Pak, preparing your game is easier than ever. The lightweight and durable 5” boning/fillet knife featured in this set allows you to get into the tightest spaces between bone and meat with little to no waste. This blade shape is also the perfect design for separating primary muscles and slicing steaks. The 4.0 skinner knife features a drop-point blade which allows you to sweep through the skinning job and get through the thick layers with ease while the downward angle-point assists in preventing any accidental slices through the hide. This knife also lends itself perfectly for choking up on the blade for caping out a trophy head and detail cutting. The third knife is a 3.7-inch blunt-tipped gutting knife that runs underneath the skin to provide a seamless effortless cut without piercing vital organs.

Featuring full-tang design, all three knives in the new Jaeger Pak are exceptionally strong and reliable. High quality 420J2 stainless steel blades are precisely heat treated and hand finished to a shaving-sharp final edge to debone carcass after carcass without dulling. Perfectly balanced, the knives feature blaze-orange handles to prevent loss with an antlered texture molded into the rubberized TPR handle for a comfortable fit in your hand and a secure, non-slip grip even when the handle becomes wet with fat and blood.

Additional tools include a T-handle wood/bone saw that allows straight wrist butting from any angle with triple ground saw teeth that cut aggressively through both tough bone and wood. The ribcage spreader is a pivoting stainless steel bar that spreads the chest fully open to allow better air flow for faster cooling of fresh game meat.

The Jaeger Pak is the perfect companion for your next hunting adventure and will be available July 2020 at retailers nationwide and conveniently online for a suggested retail of $69.95.

About Outdoor Edge
Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Denver, Outdoor Edge is a leading designer and manufacturer of knives and tools. Today, Outdoor Edge continues to innovate and develop state-of-the-art products for outdoor enthusiasts, game processors, survivalists, handymen and others who require the very best knives and tools available for leisure, work and everyday-carry needs. The company prides itself in offering a variety of products that undergo extensive field-testing in harsh, rugged environments resulting in durable, long-lasting products that come with a lifetime guarantee. For additional information on Outdoor Edge and its full line of products write to: Outdoor Edge, 5000 Osage Street, Suite 800, Denver, CO 80221; call toll-free 800-477-3343; email moreinfo@outdooredge.com; or visit www.outdooredge.com.

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