Video: Bowhunting Bull Moose in the Yukon

Bowhunting bull moose in the Yukon with a traditional longbow — a look back at a great old video from KUIU.

From KUIU:

“Jason Hairston and his father Mike have spent a lifetime cultivating both their relationship and their longbow practice. Jason spent his youth learning from Mike to hunt, shoot, and make arrows, and went on to found a company dedicated to his passion. Now, Jason has gifted Mike with a chance to fulfill a dream fifty years in the making, in a trip to the Yukon Territories. Together they hunt moose with traditional wooden longbows, and take the time to share the gifts of a strong relationship, shared interests, and lifelong skills.

This documentary shows a side of hunting rarely shown–a quiet, beautiful, emotional journey into pristine wilderness, with people who care deeply about both each other and their pastime. Shot over a period of ten days, with the stunning backdrop of the Mackenzie Mountains, These Abiding Gifts is the story of the meaningful bowhunting adventure of a father and son.”

To learn more about the new Valo camo from KUIU, please click here.

One thought

  1. Such a great story of father and son. Hoping to get my son (he’s 16) first moose this fall in Alberta and get this type of bond going with him. Great video footage!


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