Hunting Gear Review: The AlphaBurly Boots from LaCrosse

Occasionally hunting conditions demand more from your boots. Deep snow and mud and hard rains are enough to justify tall rubber boots, and it seems that such boots are your best bet in such conditions.

If you’re a pig hunter during the rainy season Northern California or hunting whitetails in muddy cornfields following a hard rain, you simply must keep your feet dry to maintain stamina over the course of a day. With rubber boots as the go-to, we then wanted to test what might be the best boots out there for such conditions — the LaCrosse Alphaburly Pro Hunting Boots.

These heavy duty boots lived up to every hope we had for them. Here’s why:

  • Comfort
    Often rubber boots to not have an ergonomic fit or take the physical needs of hunters into consideration. This is not the case with these boots. These fit very well and you don’t feel like your foot has too much space or there is excess rubber that makes the boots clumsy. In fact, it can be a challenge to get these boots off sometimes, thereby showing how comfortably snug they can be. Additionally, the liner has a moisture-wicking material that helps you keep dry and helps your boots dry before the next day’s hunt.
  • Durability
    These boots are pretty dang tough, In fact, you can tell as soon as you take them out of the box. As you’d expect, they are heavy (because of the rubber and they are in fact heavy duty). The weight never bothered me in the field. The athletic fit of the boots keeps the weight from bothering you — at least on this end. And part of that weight (5.2 ounces per pair) seems to help you keep your feet planted in wet mud and snow, but it is also in part because of the outsole. These boots grip very well, and you can tell they are built to take abuse.
  • Options
    There is an Alphaburly boot for just about everyone. With different insulation options and colors, you are likely to get exactly what you need. The GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Elevated II pattern matches my Sitka whitetail system perfectly and is ideal for the blind, and the Realtree Max-5 pattern is great for waterfowl hunters.

To learn more about the AlphaBurly Boots from LaCrosse, please click here.

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