Show: Bowhunting Coues Deer in Arizona

It’s off to Arizona to hunt Coues deer in an episode of Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg!

“Southern Arizona is the land of opportunity when is comes to the sportsman. Every year Randy Newberg heads down to the Mexican border with a group of friends to chase coues deer. In addition to chasing this whitetail subspecies, they hunt for Javelina, Jackrabbits and Quail.

Joining Randy on this episode of Fresh Tracks season 8 is the guys from the Hunting Public, a few friends who work for Arizona Game & Fish, as well as his two cameraman Michael and Dale who also have archery javelina tags.

With a vast array of public lands and so many species to chase, the crew hopes to make the most of their time in the desert. With any luck the plan is to bring their harvest back to camp to cook up fresh meals for everyone with whatever they kill.”

To check out more from Randy Newberg, click here.

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