Video: Hunting Big Wyoming Mule Deer

Hunting big mule deer in the Wyoming high country!

From Randy Newberg:

“In episode 3 of this Wyoming Mule Deer hunt, they crew has filled 1 of 3 tags. They hope to continue their success and find another buck to go after today. It doesn’t take long and they glass up a couple nice bucks. Randy and Beau argue about who should go after it.

The bucks continue to feed into the timber so they decide to split up and and wait the deer out, hoping they come out from the timber once evening comes. So Randy goes and sits within range of the buck he is after, while Beau and Lorenzo do the same.

They continue to be patient waiting for the deer to get back up on their feet. Sure enough, right as evening approaches Lorenzo and Beau spot the big buck they are after. He is behind a tree so they have to continue to wait for him to feed out into a clean shooting lane. With any luck, Beau will fill his tag on an awesome buck with a unique rack.”

To check out more from Randy Newberg, please click here.

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