Video: Hunting Elk in Colorado (Episode 2)

Colorado elk hunt concludes in the second video of a series from Randy Newberg …

From Randy Newberg:

In episode 2 of this first elk season in Colorado, it’s opening day of the season and Randy Newberg is up early well before daylight to get to his glassing knob for the morning. He located a bull yesterday while scouting, and he wants to get into position for shooting light.

He doesn’t get any responses from where that bull was yesterday morning. He does locate some cows, and continues to cover country. Way off in the distance about a mile away, he glasses up a bull that he decides to go after.

The bull is bugling and Randy tries to keep downwind of him, hoping he keeps bugling. He keeps inching forward, sneaking into position. After getting set up across a meadow from where the bull is, Randy lays eyes on him. But he hangs up on the edge of the timber. Randy is set up and ready if the bull will only take one more step to get Randy a clear shot.

To check out more from Randy Newberg, click here.

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