Video: Bowhunting Caribou in Alaska (Episode 1)

Drawing tags for caribou and moose take hunters to Alaska for what is undoubtedly a dream hunt.

From Randy Newberg:

“Marcus Hockett was lucky enough to draw an archery moose tag which allows him to hunt the 5 mile corridor of the Dalton Highway in Alaska. Joining him is his wife and hunting partner Kara who picked up an archery caribou tag.

After flying from Bozeman, they land in Fairbanks and get everything they need for a week of moose and caribou hunting. The plan is to drive north into the unit and glass along the road for critters until they find something to go after or find an area to focus in on.

For the first couple days they spend a lot of time driving and exploring country. Once they get far enough north they start seeing Caribou everywhere! So they start the hunt with a couple opportunities to stalk in on Alaskan Caribou with their bow.”

To check out more from Randy Newberg, please click here.

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