Video: Hunting Blacktail Deer in Alaska (Ep. 2)

An Alaska Sitka blacktail deer hunt continues …

From Randy Newberg:

“In episode 2 of this southeast Alaska Blacktail Deer hunt, Jim and Jim are back at it trying to fill a deer tag on a bucket list hunt. As two well-studied and experienced students of the natural world, they marvel at the landscape, vegetation, and result that it has on the blacktail population.

Due to a heavy rain the night before, they head to an area that they think they can access without the creeks being blown out. Their strategy continues to be heading into open areas and calling to pull in a doe with hopefully a buck trailing her.

They do a set up that works exactly to plan, but Baichtal was hoping to get Heffelfinger a buck before shooting his own. A huge 4-point blacktail comes right into range, but once Baichtal got the okay to shoot, it was too late. But nonetheless it’s encouraging to see such a nice buck come in.”

To check out more from Randy Newberg, please click here.

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