Show: Destination Elk: 14 Elk Tags to Fill (Episode 1)

Destination Elk is back with a new episode that went live tonight!

From Elk101:

“Elk101 is back with the Premiere Episode of the popular elk hunting video series, Destination Elk V4!

This season, the format has changed. 14 Elk Hunters will team up in groups of 2, and each of the 7 teams will head out in separate directions for 8 days of DIY Public Land elk hunting action.

In the Premiere Episode, get to know all of the participants before they head into the field. All 14 participants have gathered together at the Total Archery Challenge in Big Sky, MT, to share the mountain shooting bows and to share their plans for the upcoming elk season.

Which team do you think will fill their tags this season?”

To check out more from Elk101, please click here.

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