Video: Bowhunting Moose in the Yukon (Part 2)

In a new video, Greg McHale heads deep into the wilderness of the Yukon for an archery moose hunt. This is part two.

From Greg McHale:

The Alaska-Yukon Moose hunt can be challenging, exhilarating and rewarding. This hunt is no exception. Greg is pushing his luck with a late-season foray into the snow-covered hills of the Yukon in search of adventure, a big bull and a great trophy. He sees a few great moose before coming across a bull he can’t turn down. If you love moose, you’ll love this hunt.

In Part 2, Greg closes the distance on the moose, but his arrow was not immediately deadly. Can he locate the bull?

To check out more from Greg McHale’s Wild Yukon, please click here.

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