Video: Bowhunting Mule Deer in Nevada

Over the years, Remi Warren has shown us just how incredible the mule deer hunting in Nevada can be. Last season, he was out to fill his tag but had to get creative when he was hit with an injury.

From Remi Warren:

“With a wrist injury keeping me in a cast and unable to use my hand for most of the hunting season, I refused to let the setback affect my ability to bowhunt. So, I learned to draw and shoot the bow with my mouth. I then headed out on my favorite hunt of the year, early season mule deer in Nevada to chase one of the most challenging animals with a bow. When successful on this early season hunt, I like to make summer sausage with the venison to take on my other hunts throughout the year. With my last bit of summer sausage from last year, I am hopeful that I will connect on a summer buck.”

To check out more from Remi Warren, please click here.

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