Video: Bowhunting Mule Deer and Whitetail Deer in Nebraska Pt. 3

The crew from Heartland Bowhunter head to Nebraska to stalk and hunt mule deer and whitetail deer. This is part three.

From Heartland Bowhunter:

“Shawn is still in Nebraska with an any species archery deer tag! Mule Deer are at the top of the target list but if things get tough he isn’t afraid to switch gears and chase after whitetails. On the last two episodes Shawn got SUPER close to arrowing some big mule deer but this episode it finally all comes together after flip flopping morning and evenings between Mule Deer & Whitetails. Follow along this series as his trip unfolds!”

To check out more from Heartland Bowhunter, please click here.

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