Video: A Love of High Country Big Game Hunting

A range of action to offer a little hunting stoke!

From French Outdoors:

“A short film of a single hunting season. ‘I Live For This’.

‘It’s Unbelievable how fast a season comes and goes. So much time, effort, and sacrifice all built up for just a few months. Some, may think it’s crazy. But after 52 days in the field, and over 400 miles hiked. I’ve gained much more than the thousands of feet of elevation. The memories I’ve made, will last a lifetime. This, is what I live for.’

After hunting 52 days between work and school during the 2014 season. I was able to capture my hunting adventures as I traveled to Idaho to hunt bear, Wyoming in search for elk, Colorado high country mule deer, and my home state of Utah to chase high country mule deer and elk on over the counter tags. This is a recap of my 2014 season.

Stay tuned, I will be posting each individual hunt soon.”

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