Video: High Country Bowhunting in “Consumed By Passion”

Consumed By Passion from Wild At Heart Outdoors on Vimeo.

After all, bowhunting is a journey that is fueled by passion. Both of these aspects are captured in “Consumed By Passion” from Wild at Heart Outdoors.

From the filmmakers:

“While most people are dreading summer coming to an end, we find our anticipation growing for September. September brings with it the opportunity to disconnect from the modern world and explore the rugged mountains of the west. With Wyoming Deer and Montana Elk tags in hand, we departed from Pennsylvania feeling anxious about the three weeks that lay ahead of us. We knew our bodies and minds were going to be pushed to their limits and hoped our passion for these wild places would keep us hunting hard and smart for the entire trip. After 15 days of seemingly nothing going right, everything came together at once. Looking back on this hunt, our passion is clearly what pulled us through our struggles and allowed us to return home with memories that we will never forget.”

To check out more from Wild at Heart Outdoors, click here.

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