Show: Hunting Mule Deer on Public Land in Wyoming

Quite the shot on a very nice mule deer on a public land hunt in Wyoming

From Randy Newberg:

“In episode 4 of this Western Wyoming Public Land Mule Deer hunt, only 1 tag remains unfilled. It is now Randy’s turn to focus on finding a public land buck to shoot as Beau Baty and Lorenzo Sartini have already filled their tags. Early before sunrise, they head to a glassing knob in hopes to turn up a good buck.

Part way through the day the plan is for cameramen to switch, so Jonathan hikes out and swaps duties with Marcus Hockett who is hiking in. On the way in Marcus gets uncomfortably close to a bull moose who is rutting.

That evening Randy spots a great buck that he decides to go after. He’s bedded out in the open, making for a difficult stalk. Randy slowly inches within range but has a hard time getting a good opportunity. Using their Mystery Ranch packs to create a makeshift shooting rest, he steadies his aim and pulls the trigger on a mature public land mule deer.

Record books are not important, but the story of the people and places are. This wraps up a story that will last with these hunters forever. Deer camp, elk, camp, any camp, is a special time with special people.”

To check out more from Randy Newberg, please click here.

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