Video: Mountain Goat Hunting in Canada (Part 1)

The crew from Backcountry B.C. and Beyond pay their dues in the mountains of Canada on an archery mountain goat hunt. This is part one of a video series.

From Backcountry B.C. and Beyond:

“Last fall we set out with two clients, Cody and Dan, who wanted to do an archery hunt for mountain goats. Bowhunting in the mountains is a test of mental fortitude and commitment. Let alone, having more than one tag to fill. But that’s what makes archery mountain hunts so special. When the unbelievable happens. Watch Part one of our two part video series following this epic archery mountain goat hunt.

Filmed by Logan Romney (   / @loganromney  )”

To check out more from Backcountry B.C. and Beyond, please click here.

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